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Fire resistant and acoustic doors with metal frame

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The acoustic models of the WM line and the fire rated ones of the LM line have a galvanized iron frame available in the SPEED or TELESCOP version, with SQUARELINE or ROUNDLINE shape. The NFR, EI’60, EI’120 doors are also available in glass or visual version.

The certified solutions with metal frame are particularly suitable for use in highly frequented areas: they are chosen every day by military departments and public bodies for their reliability and ease of maintenance.

The AluTelescop model completes the proposal of wooden doors with metal frame, offering a standardized technical product with aluminum frame, without certified performance, suitable for schools and public environments.

Fire Door Certifications

Discover the EI / REI 30/60/90/120 certifications for Zanini fire doors

Isofire WM

Fire door REI/EI: 00
Acoustic door Rw (dB): 00/49
Smoke Gate: –


REI / EI fire door: 30/60/90
Acoustic door Rw (dB): 00/28
Smoke Gate: –


Fire door REI/EI: 00
Acoustic door Rw (dB): 00/28
Smoke Gate: –


Zanini boasts the highest quality and sustainability certifications like ISO 9001, FSC, PEFC. Under the brand thanks to the SOA certification, it also operates in public structures jobs together with the major European companies.

The certified articles are perfectly in line with the provisions of the law and with the requirements of foreign certification bodies: our articles are available for European and non-European markets.

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