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Profiles and Components
Casings, jambs and accessories for the furniture and door and window sector

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Profiles and components: Casings, jambs and accessories for the furniture and doors and windows sector.

avant-garde technologies, first choice materials and innovative solutions: all this is ICM.

Casings, jambs, glazing beadings, skirting boards, expansion inserts, rebate profiles for double-leaf doors, kits for sliding doors, are just some of the types of articles that ICM can produce.

Optima è un esclusivo sistema modulare dal design registrato: la composizione della porta profilo o altri arredi secondo questo sistema, restituisce un prodotto su misura che ci piace definire di tipo sartoriale.

the architraves, made in Mdf, Mdf Idro, Multilayer or Lsb support, can have the most different and original shapes in combination with the design of the jamb.

Available with variable widths and extendable flap.

The jambs can have various shapes, widths and stops.

The supports used are Mdf, Mdf Idro, Sandwich, Sandwich Idro and Blockboard.

The latest novelty is the jamb completely in Lsb, light, water-repellent and ecological, to make the laminate door exclusive.

Other Components
Kits for sliding doors, passage jambs, glazing beads, corner pieces, skirting boards, expansion inserts, rebate profiles for double doors: these are just some examples of the various range of accessories that we can produce.
Optima System
ICM offers a complete program of frame door profiles.

OPTIMA is an exclusive system that will allow you to build a customized door, without expensive warehouse stocks, at a competitive price. What characterizes it is the modularity of the individual profiles.

The components can be exchanged, joined, juxtaposed to create various combinations and infinite different models.

This system is not developed only in the door area but covers the complete home environment: mirrors, consoles, boiserie and walk-in wardrobes are just some examples of the furnishing accessories available to you.

Optima is developed in three types of taste: modern, minimalist and classic, to make every room in the house unique.


The completely homogeneous surface of the MDF guarantees easy cutting, profiling and excellent coating quality. These characteristics allow a very wide application of the material. Even more versatile is the MDF IDRO which, thanks to the addition of a hydrophobic additive, can be used without problems in any type of environment or place characterized by a particularly humid climate.


PLYWOOD is known for its characteristics of flexibility and lightness. At the same time it is a particularly resistant and robust material thanks to its composition of thin layers of wood superimposed and glued alternately.


BLOCKBOARD is a panel composed of a laminated core of solid wood, covered on two sides by a thin layer of poplar wood. Its characteristics of lightness, dimensional stability, ductility make it a stable support over time.

An innovative material, created to meet the needs of a sector that is always looking for light, resistant and eco-sustainable solutions. LSB is composed of poplar flakes obtained from 100% Italian debarked virgin wood, with zero added formaldehyde. It has very high mechanical performance, despite having a decidedly lower specific weight than other materials. Thanks to its particular construction it is extremely resistant to humidity.


SANDWICH perfectly mixes the strength and stability of the blockboard with the homogeneity and versatility of MDF. In addition, when combined with MDF IDRO, the result is a truly unique material: light, resistant, uniform and water repellent.

Several coatings are available, including matte laminate, matrix pore, high definition laminate, lighlam, soft and veneer.

Over 250 finishes combined with over 5000 profiles available and Optima technology allow us to offer infinite design possibilities


The packaging is carried out with care in order to ensure the optimization of space in the truck and safety during transport.

Where required, ISPM15 or chipboard pallets are used.

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