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Flush and flush with the wall doors
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Zanini Hotel Tagliafuoco

Zanini flush-to-wall hotel doors are a type of door that is increasingly in demand and appreciated, which allows for a minimal design and makes the door invisible. The flush doors are made up of a wooden panel and an aluminum frame to be fixed to the wall.

A valid alternative are flush-to-the-wall, flush-frame or flush-fitting doors, with wooden frame and door coplanar to the architrave: ideal solution for inserting the door flush with the wall coverings.

The flush and flush doors guarantee the same noise reduction and fire resistance as any other standard hotel door.

Door Panel
Made up of a perimeter frame in solid wood, the door has a thickness of 58mm, facades in MDF.
In aluminum to be pre-assembled.
65/85 in multilayer or MDF, telescopic also with oversized flap and shaped.
retractable adjustable in three dimensions.


Zanini boasts the highest quality and sustainability certifications like ISO 9001, FSC, PEFC. Under the brand thanks to the SOA certification, it also operates in public structures jobs together with the major European companies.

The certified articles are perfectly in line with the provisions of the law and with the requirements of foreign certification bodies: our articles are available for European and non-European markets.

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