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Glass and wood fire resistant doors

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The Isofire L STAR model is particularly suitable for creating fire-resistant glass walls in indoor environments, with complex and articulated configurations.

This solution, in the REI 60 and REI 120 versions, is often used to combine the charm of historic buildings, with the need to respond to the safety requirements of new uses.

The wooden frame can be veneered and varnished or lacquered, so as to maintain the appearance of the original environments, furthermore the configuration can be given by fixed or opening portions, for a spectacular and at the same time safe and reliable result.

Fire Door Certifications

Discover the EI / REI 30/60/90/120 certifications for Zanini fire doors


REI / EI fire door: 60/120
Acoustic door Rw (dB): 00/41
Smoke Gate: –


Zanini boasts the highest quality and sustainability certifications like ISO 9001, FSC, PEFC. Under the brand thanks to the SOA certification, it also operates in public structures jobs together with the major European companies.

The certified articles are perfectly in line with the provisions of the law and with the requirements of foreign certification bodies: our articles are available for European and non-European markets.

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