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Piano Collection ADEA
Internal pantographed water-based lacquered doors

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Classic-inspired line thanks to the division of the spaces given by the double flat ashlar, which determines a completely new profile. Doors with a sophisticated and refined style that lend themselves to creating new and surprising style combinations.

The doors, pantographed with a flat and double milling, are composed of a 40 mm honeycomb panel with a fir frame with a structured honeycomb core, plated with 8 mm MDF. Available in 8 models with 13 RAL finishes. On request other models and RAL colors.

Mod. Albere – Bianco Adea
Mod. Berci – Ral 1019
Mod. Braco – Bianco Adea
Mod. Cite – Tortora Adea
Mod. Cansai – Bianco Adea
Mod. Emi – Ral 7023
Mod. Irca – Bianco Adea
Mod. Lovara – Ral 5024
Door Panel
Honeycomb door with fir frame and veneered in 8 mm MDF. Door thickness tot. 40 mm.

Fir wood blockboard frame. Total frame thickness 40 mm.


85×12 mm multilayer architraves on both sides.

Door lock

Magnetic lock.


Concealed hinges adjustable on 3 axes.


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