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Università IUAV – Venezia

Fireproof busoola in wood and glass for the historic Ca ‘Tron building on the Grand Canal.

Università IUAV – Venezia

San.Co fireproof solution for the IUAV in Venice

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A particular and totally custom-made intervention was that of San.Co for the construction of a wood and glass fireproof compass inside one of the venues of the IUAV University of Venice: the historic Ca ‘Tron building. The historic building, located right on the Grand Canal, is one of the representative offices of the lagoon university, used for exhibitions and conferences, it is also home to important research institutes such as Ir.Ide and Epich.

The design of the compass and the doors in wood and fireproof glass, as well as the assembly intervention, had to take into account the historicity of the building and, above all, the area where the compass would have been located: between an atrium and the stairways. entrance, consequently with a non-homogeneous support surface. The compass was created in wood and glass specifically for this use and for that specific position: the fire doors are made of glass and wood while the structure of the compass is completely made of plasterboard and covered with wood.

The finishing touches were very accurate so that the junction between the compass and the columns of the building was perfect. Rei fire doors in wood and glass are not only fire doors, but also panic doors on the exit side.

The fireproof wood and fireproof glass compass is EI60 ′ certified.

The scenographic effect that is visible from the push side of the doors is interesting: it seems, in fact, that above the compass there is a completely open passage. It is obviously an optical effect, created with large fireproof glass whose frame disappears behind the historic marble arch.

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